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Why Happy Coast Kids?

All my kids’ names have happy meanings. To be happy is so important. No matter what your situation, if you can look at things positively and choose to be happy, life will be that much easier.

And ‘coast’? Well, we live along the coast! 🙂

Baby K’tan

What is so unique about the Baby K’tan?

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an innovative baby carrier that is a perfect blend of a sling, wrap and soft structured carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. There is no other carrier available like it. It is a ready-to-wear wrap that enables parents & caregivers to comfortably carry infants and toddlers in multiple positions.

What is ‘kangaroo care’?

This is where baby is carried while being given skin-to-skin contact. This is especially beneficial for premature babies (or preemies) and low-birth-weight babies. It helps to regulate baby’s body temperature, improve cognitive development, promote parent-child bonding, and increases the likelihood of breastfeeding success.

Which carrier is best for our hot and humid Singapore weather?

I’d recommend the Active and Breeze models.

The Active model is made from a hi-performance material that wicks away moisture, is cool to the touch, and provides UVA/UVB protection. It is a bit like the dri-fit material used for sports attire, but softer and more breathable.

The Breeze model is made from 50% breathable mesh. Meaning to say, half of the carrier has little holes in it to allow for air to pass through and cool baby down, or to let heat escape. The material feels like a stretchy t-shirt material.

What size should I choose?

As the Baby K’tan is a sized carrier, you need to get the correct size to ensure get the right fit. You may refer to the sizing chart below to find the right size for you. Note that the sizing chart is based on a fitted T-shirt (not a loose fitting T-shirt).

Alternatively, you can using this sizing calculator. 

Additional Sizing Tips:

Each person is shaped differently, and like clothing, some people may fit into more than one size or fall in-between sizes on the above sizing chart. The following additional sizing tips should be used as a guide to assist you in ordering the optimal size.

  • If in-between sizes or unsure of sizing, SIZE DOWN.
  • If you are petite - 158cm / 5’2" or under - SIZE DOWN.
  • Use pre-pregnancy size to determine carrier size.

Did I purchase the correct size?

The Baby K’tan is meant to fit snugly to allow for stretch and will likely feel tighter than expected initially; however, this does not necessarily mean it is too small.

  • When trying on the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier (without your child inside), the lowest point of the carrier should fall just below your chest and above your navel. When wearing your child in the carrier, the lowest point of the carrier may fall at your navel or waist, but should not fall below your hips.
  • When carrying your child in the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier: if the lowest point of the carrier falls at or below your hips, choose a smaller size; if the lowest point of the carrier falls at your chest, choose a larger size.

  • When carrying your child in the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, if the carrier feels too loose (i.e., child feels insecure, legs are bumping child’s body as you walk, or carrier easily slips off your shoulder), choose a smaller size.

  • The size of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is not based upon your child’s age or weight. The cross-stretch of the cotton knit fabric and the different carrying positions enables the carrier to grow with your child. Accordingly, you should not require a larger size as your child grows and develops from a baby to a toddler (up to 35 lbs).

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier should fit snugly and securely on you and your child. For optimal fit, wash and tumble dry - this enables the carrier to conform more snugly to your body. If you are new to baby wearing, you may think the Carrier is too small, however, a snug fit is optimal for securely carrying your child and for good back support. The cotton knit fabric enables the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier to stretch slightly to conform to you and your child.

It is important to us at Baby K’tan, LLC that you obtain a Baby K’tan; Baby Carrier with the optimal fit, so that you and your baby are comfortable and secure. Therefore, if the carrier you purchased does not fit correctly, you may exchange it for the proper size in accordance with our exchange policy.

If you require any assistance in choosing the proper size, feel free to email me at info@happycoastkids.com.sg, I’d be happy to assist you. 

If the carrier you bought does not fit correctly, you may exchange within 7 days provided the carrier is in ‘like-new' condition with the tag still attached (we reserve the right to decide what is ‘like-new’). The box, manual, and sash must be included and also be in ‘like-new’ condition.

We will not be responsible for covering shipping costs for returns, and cannot refund you the previous shipping charges. We also will not be responsible for items lost or damaged during delivery.


What’s so special about Crêpe au Bébé blankets?

They are mostly one-of-a-kind handmade creations that your child will love for a long time. Choose a design to suit your child’s unique personality! A blanket that is well taken care of can even be passed to the next generation.

All the blankets are made in a pet-free and smoke-free environment.

Will the colours run?

Every care has been taken to pre-wash the materials to ensure the colours do not run. However, as with all new fabrics, sometimes it may not more than one wash to set the colour. I would recommend hand-washing it the first time to ensure no colour runs before using the washing machine.

How do I order a customised blanket?

Select the ‘custom blanket’ option, and choose your type and design of front material, type and colour of back material, and you are done! When the blanket is ready you will be informed before it is delivered.


Is there a minimum spend to get FREE DELIVERY?

Shipping for orders below $40 will be a flat rate of $4.50.

All orders above $40 will enjoy FREE DELIVERY by standard mail (Note: This means there will be no tracking of the package. We also cannot be responsible for packages that get lost in the mail.) If you would like to send your package by courier there will be a top-up of $9.

We ship internationally! For overseas delivery, please email info@happycoastkids.com.sg to arrange and get a quote. (Note: For Baby K'tan products, we can only send them to countries without an existing distributor.)

Which delivery service do you use?

For regular packages we use Speedpost. Depending on the size of your package we might give you a free upgrade to courier delivery.


Do you accept funds transfers?

Yes, if you are based in Singapore. Please email me at info@happycoastkids.com.sg for bank transfer details. Please transfer the payment within 24 hours, otherwise your order will be cancelled.